Rental Application Willow Court Apartments
Willow Court Apartments, Seattle, WA 98106

Thank you for your interest in Willow Court Apartments. Please review our application policies, then check the confirmation box and click "Next" to begin the application. 

Each person over 18 must submit a complete and separate application.

Application Fee - $35 must be paid via credit/debit card in order for the application to be processed.
Qualifications can change at anytime


One Bedroom: 3
Two Bedrooms: 5


A credit report will be secured and evaluated for all leaseholders. Applicants with bad credit history there may be additional deposit of one month’s rent or $25 per month rent increase required.


Gross annual income for all leaseholders is combined to meet a minimum monthly income of 3.0 times the monthly rental amount. Co-signers must make 4.0 times the monthly rental amount.

  • Pay Stubs: 30 days worth of income with at least the two most recent stubs.
  • Bank Statements: Most recent statements showing balances on each of the statements of at least a 12 month lease term of the predetermined minimum factor of gross monthly rent. Example: With a rent of $750 x 3 x 12 = $27,000.00 is the require balance on your statement.
  • Offer Letter: May be used if dated within the last 30 days and signed by employer making the offer. Base Salary and Bonus Potential will be considered as income.
  • Government Funding (Pension, Disability, Unemployment, Social Security, etc.): May be considered as income as long as there is proof that it will be available for at least the next 12 months.
  • Exceptions and Additions: corporations or employers that will pay for apartments must provide a letter of responsibility. / If one or more applicants do not have a valid Social Security Number that is not connected or related to a credit bureau, there may be an additional deposit of one month’s rent or $25 per month rent increase required as long as all other screening criteria have been satisfied.

A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant. The application will be rejected for any of the following reported criminal-related reasons that have occurred within a minimum of seven (7) years but beyond based on federal or state-specific guidelines prior to the application date:

  • No violent crimes or crimes involving weapons
  • No registered sex offenders
  • No controlled substance convictions
  • No prostitution convictions
  • No cruelty to animals convictions
  • No theft or crimes against property convictions
  • No terrorist related convictions
  • No active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above


  • Past 24 months verifiable residential rental history
  • No prior evictions
  • No outstanding balance owed to any landlord
  • No current three-day notices to vacate
  • No more than two legal notices in any twelve month period for any member of applicant household